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Use this powerful resource guide to locate Long Beach Homes and Long Beach Houses. We have periodic research reports on Long Beach Real Estate performance. There are quick shortcuts pointing to Long Beach MLS. Use our version of a powerful Mortgage Calculator .This is a Proprietary Affordability Calculator. It matches your profile against the programs we offer and instantly communicates the PreQual amount and the Purchase price you are eligible for. Various loan Programs available for Long Beach Housing are available to review. Check what you qualify for using the Mortgage Calculator and then proceed to look for Long Beach California Homes. You have the option to choose any Long Beach Realtors.

As of the 2005-2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, White Americans made up 42.7% of Long Beach's population; of which 30.5% were non-Hispanic whites. Blacks or African Americans made up 13.2% of Long Beach's population; of which 12.9% were non-Hispanic blacks. American Indians made up 0.5% of the city's population; of which 0.3% were non-Hispanic. Asian Americans made up 13.4% of the city's population; of which 13.2% were non-Hispanic. Pacific Islander Americans made up 0.7% of the city's population; of which 0.6% were non-Hispanic. Individuals from some other race made up 25.8% of the city's population; of which 0.3% were non-Hispanic. Individuals from two or more races made up 3.8% of the city's population; of which 2.2% were non-Hispanic. In addition, Hispanics and Latinos made up 39.9% of Long Beach's population.

The median income for a household in the city was $37,270, and the median income for a family was $40,002. Males had a median income of $36,807 versus $31,975 for females. The per capita income for the city was $19,040. About 19.3% of families and 22.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 32.7% of those under age 18 and 11.0% of those age 65 or over. In 2008, the Census Bureau showed the amount of people living below the poverty line had dropped to 18.2%.

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Mortgage for Long Beach Homes Sale

HUD Median Income 2009 :$62,100

Mortgage Loan Limits :

1 Unit Homes: $729,750 2 Unit Homes: $934,200 3 Unit Homes: $1,129,250 4 Unit Homes: $1,403,400

  1. FHA Mortgages:Available .Please click on FHA Qualification Summary to read the general eligibility guide.
  2. VA Mortgages:Available.Please click on VA Qualification Summary to read the general eligibility guide.
  3. USDA Mortgages :Not Available in Long Beach, Ca.Please see list of Eligible Cities.
  4. 1/2% Down Mortgages :Available.Please click on 1/2% Down Qualification Summary to read the genearl eligibility guide.
  5. Bad Credit Mortgages: Available .Please click on Bad Credit Qualification Summary to read the general eligibility guide.
  6. First Time Home Buyer Mortgages: Available.Please click on First Home Home Buyer Qualification Summary to read about general eligibility.

Long Beach Down Payment Assistance:

Available.Brief details are stated below.We offer these programs.Please complete the Contact Form for more details.

Long Beach Purchase Assistance Loan Program (BEGIN) C, F $118,785

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Mortgage Calculator:Use this to calculate mortgage payments.Just input the Purchase price you want to calculate payments on. For every $100000 Purchase Price, taxes should be adjusted to $1250 and Insurance to $200.You do not need to adjust any other numbers including PMI.

Instant Affordability Calculator:This is our Proprietory Affordability Calculator.It matches your profile against the programs we offer and instantly communicates the PreQual amount and the Purchase price you are eligible for.No personal information such as name,Social ,address are needed.

Short Application:Input a Short Application if you are ready to move forward.A Loan Officer will review the application and be in touch per your preference.


Long Beach is a large city located in southern California, USA, on the Pacific coast. It is situated in Los Angeles County, about 20 miles (32 km) south of downtown Los Angeles. Long Beach borders Orange County on its southeast edge.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the world's largest shipping ports. The city also has a large oil industry; oil is found both underground and offshore. Manufacturers include aircraft, automobile parts, electronic and audiovisual equipment, and home furnishings. It is also home to headquarters for corporations such as Epson America, Molina Healthcare, and SCAN Health Plan. Long Beach has grown with the development of high-technology and aerospace industries in the area.

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